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Fortunately the inhabitants were not " ' Aqal estuvo preso el sin Bernal Diaa. But tlie greater part of the population, who threw them- sehes, in the most abject manner, on the mercy of the Conquerors, imputing the blame of the affair to the Aztecs, the Spanish commander spared, from pity, or contempt.'^ He now resumed his march on TIascala ; bu scarcely had he crossed the borders of tiie republic, when he descried the flaunting banners of the con- voy which trans|orted the brigantines, as it was threading its way through the defiles of the moun- tains. He was somewhat appeased by Sandoval's assurance that it was for that very reason he had been transfer- red to the rear, the quarter most likely to he assailed by the enemy. oa de Tlaiea JJa the number of forces, the order of k la cindad de Tetzeuco, donde ae march, and 'he evt^nic ihu occur- Bchiton eo la laguna, y se armaron red on ;t de artffleria y municion." Ca- mai Bo, Hist, de Tlascala, MS. [Book VI burden, the troops worked their way over sleep em- inences and rough mountain-passes, presenting, one might suppose, in their long line of march, manj a vulnerable point to an enem}'. The severe volleys of the Mexicans did some in- jury to the Spaniards and their a Uies. This was fol- lowed by renewed tempests of missiles, accompanied by taunts and fierce yells of defiance. The eyes of the soldiers were suffused with tears, as they gazed on the gloomy record, and their bosoms swelled with indignation, as they thought of the horrible fate of the captives. Some few, who subsequentl^i fell into heir hands, were branded as slaves. For some reason Sandoval afterwards changed the order of march, and placed this division in the rear, — an arrangement which gave great umbrage to the doughty warrior that led it, who asserted his right to the front, the place which he and his ancestors had always occupied, as the post of danger. rio nue Hainan de TIaxcalli Za- Bernal Diaz says sixteen thou- huapwi, que sealajo para probarloa sand (Ibid,, ubi supra.) Tbero los bergantines, y los tornaron k is a wonderrul agreement between desbaratar por Ilevarlos k cuestas llie several Cdstilian writers as tn sohte hombros de ! 6;) the 23 "Que era cosa maravillosa latter some seventeen centuriea do ver, J assi me parece que es de later, by the Great Captain, Gon- oir, llevar trece Fustas diei y ocho salvo de Cordova. They now began a furious discharge of stones and arrows on the assail- ants, while they were themselves tolerably well pro- vccted from the musketry of their enemy hy the light bulwarks, with which, for that purpose, they had fortified their canoes. SP throw them into disorder, crowded as they were on tlie narrow causeway, without the means of advanc- ing, when Cortes ordered a retreat.Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. During the nights, the troops bivouacked in the open fields, nraintaining the strictest watch, for the rountry was all in arms, and beacons were flaming * Ibid., loc. — Bernal Diaz, melodious names of Teiiajoecan, Ilist. Without waiting for their advance, he rode at full gallop against them with his litde body ^f Korse.We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. The arquebuses and crossbows opened a lively volley on their extended winj^s, and the in- Hosled by Google St Sifi GE AND SURRENDER OF MEXICO. In a neighbouring building, traced with charcoal on the walls, they found the following inscription in Casti Han : " In this place the unfortu- nate Juan Juste, with many others of his company, was imprisoned.'"' This hidalgo was one of the followers of Narvaez, and had come with him into the country in quest of gold, but had found, instead, an obscure and inglorious death. The Tlas- calans in the van marched under the command of a chief who gloried in the name of Chichemecatl. The lake was rovered with canoes, filled with Aztec warriors, who, anticipating the movement of the Spaniards, had come to the aid of the city. Regain their Quarters in Tezcueo iodian Cities tender Allegiance ..... In the deserted tem- ples they discovered abundant traces of the fate of their countrymen ; for, besides their arms and cloth- ing, and the hides of their horses, the heads of sev- eral soldiers, prepared in such a way that they could be well preserved, were found suspended as trophies of the victory. Twenty thousand warriors he retained, dividing them into two equal bodies for the protection of the tamaiies in the centre.^ His own little body of Spaniards he distributed in like manner. Cortes, riding at the head of his cavalry, advanced along the dike, till he was brought to a stand by finding a wide opening in it, through which the waters poured so as to be altogether impracticable, not only for horse, but for infantry. He detached a body for the service, con- sisting of two hundred Spanish foot and fifteen horse, which he placed under the command of Sandoval.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I Hos Bdb, Google Hos Bdb, Google Hos Bdb, Google Hos Bdb, Google Hos Bdb, Google Hos Bdb, Google HISTORY CONQUEST OF MEXICO, WITH A PRBLIJira Al ANCIENT MEXICAN CIVILIZATION, 5 r ONQUKBOB, HERNANDO COUTEZ. On the following morning, he found the indefati- gable Aztecs again under arms, and, on the open ground before the city, prepared lo give him battle.A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. They had been constructed under the direc- tion of the experienced ship-builder, Martin Lopez, aided by three or four Spanish carpenters and the friendly natives, some of whom showed no mean degree of Imitative skill. Their approach was beheld with joy by Cortes and the soldiers, who hailed it as the signal of a speedy termination of the war. The soldiers, under the direction of the Indian guide, forded the lake without much difficulty, though in some places the water came above their girdles. by this time, have not even hrevitv 3 These towns rejoiced in the to recommend them. The Spaniards were now traversing the most opulent re- gion of Auiihuac.Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. The brigantines, when completed, had been fairly tried on the waters of the Zahuapan. The general, at- tended by his officers, all dressed in their richest attire, came out to welcome the convoy. SOB, doval's expedition, see, als^, Ovitv Hos Bdb, Google Ch. During the passage, they were annoyed by the en- emy's missiles ; but, when they had gained the dry level, they took ample revenge, and speedily put all who resisted to the sword. Cities and villages were scattered over hill and valley, with cultivated environs bloom- ing around them, all giving token of a dense and industrious population.Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. But the barbarians were ignorant of the value of this weapon when opposed to cavalry.About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. And, in- deed, the appalling apparition of the war-horse and his rider still held a mysterious power over their Im- aginations, which contributed, perhaps, quite as much as the effective force of the cavalry itself, to their dis- comfiture.

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