Whos dating t pain

), that are considered these huge sex symbols and are number 1 on every ‘hot list.’ Oh boy… I knew that sooner or later this question would come up and I would have to answer it.

And, like everything else, I will answer it honestly without sugar-coating.

(This is an added note: To the women who are naturally skinny like a runway model, there’s nothing wrong with that.

My only point here is to women whose bodies don’t look like a runway model’s and feel they need to in order to get the best guy.) While I’m on the subject, most of the female celebrities that pop up on tabloids for getting super skinny also look horrifying to me…

I have read and heard countless times that guys prefer women with curves and more meat on their bones but I’m starting to wonder about that.

I have some super skinny friends who are considered really hot and always get hit on and then there are celebs who are super skinny, like Olivia Wilde and Megan Fox (she supposedly has a 23 inch waist!

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(Again, that’s not a slam against women who are naturally very skinny.

If people you don’t really care about call you names, it may not be as upsetting.

If that person is your boyfriend or girlfriend it becomes a whole different story.

To start things off, I can tell you that one of the things that guys will talk about is who we think is a hot chick.

I can also tell you that men have a wide range of what they consider to be an ideal weight and their “type” of woman.

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