Sidebar weather gadget not updating

If you know this website, then you know that I will be quite busy with Microsoft Visio.

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However, Tab, Caps, Shift, Ctrl, Enter, and Shift have their text left- or right-aligned. Related reading (from May 2013): A tale of two One Notes: Metro version a no-go.At first, I thought I had to press Fn F2 to up the brightness again (not easy if you can’t find the keyboard), but then I found that typing a key brought the brightness back.Ok, getting better, but I don’t want errant keypresses just to see the keyboard! If you’re interested in Visio, you are likely interested in computers and gadgets too. If anyone from Microsoft’s Surface team is following this journal, I will try and highlight specific ideas and requests with this red tag to make it easier for you to find things that I would like to change.So I’ll share my Visio-skewed experiences with the latest bit of hardware to come out of Microsoft, and hopefully some of you will find it applicable, interesting and useful. At any rate, I took the courageous step of leaving my primary laptop at home, and trusting the hype that the Surface Pro 3 could truly be used for real work, as well as for Fruit Ninja.

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