Sexmeeting with staranger

I felt a had against my ass, and I knew where Nicks were and they weren't on my ass. Soon I was smashed between Nick and another younger man, he smelled good, he was sweaty and hard against me, we had a sort of threesome on the dance floor. The dance floor was dark with only a strobe light to light us up, we were off to the back side of the dance floor near the wall, surrounded by people.

I felt the man in back slid his fingers under my dress and hear his groan when he felt I wasn't wearing panties.

With his other hand he went up my dress and rubbed my cunt, sliding a finger in and out while he kissed my neck and ears. Nick and I left, leaving our waiter a large tip (in more ways than one).

We decided to go to a dance club and have a few drinks.

Please excuse for the poor conditoins of the first four photos.

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I was in heaven being fucked and smashed between these two handsome men. Nick slid his hand down and rubbed my clit while this man was fucking me from behind for all he was worth... While he sucked my toes I took my other foot and ran my heel up his pant leg to his already hard dick. He licked back up the other thigh and circled my petal with his lips, finally diving in and sucking my clit into his mouth, he swirled his tongue around my swollen clit and sucked it into his mouth.

He ran juices from my pussy down into my ass...making it easy to slide a finger into my asshole while he continued fingering my hot fuck hole and licking me into heaven. " I cried out, "Yes, take me there." He ripped my dress off, and flipped me onto my stomach at the edge of the bed, like a rag doll.

He tore his own clothes off and laid on top of me holding me tight against him sliding his cock in the crack of my ass, teasing me. He reached around and fondled my tits, pinching the nipples and arousing me further. He put his hand under me and grabbed my cunt, rocking me with his thrusts into his palm. He was like a racehorse running at full steam, pounding his meat into me.

After we placed our order, I slid my hand down into his crotch, feeling his already hard cock. He slid his finger up and down my pussy lips caressing my clit and pussy. The restaurant wasn't crowded and we faced a fireplace, no one could see in our high-backed booth except for our waiter when he came to the table.

I pulled his dick out of his pants and rubbed my palm against his warm pole. the waiter came to check on us and "Nick" asked for the check.

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