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I also knew that he was hoping for a resolution between me and his mom.

They called and woke us up the following morning to tell us they were 60-minutes away and then did not show up for more than three hours. On Christmas Eve I replied on my FB wall to a question from another family member about coming to visit.My point is, you have to do something with all those emotions or you’ll explode. Maybe you’ve been doing those things, but it seems like you’ve also been projecting at least some of your anger, disappointment, fear, and sheer exhaustion onto your MIL. What I suggest you do is take a deep breath, step back and try to see the larger picture here.The “crimes” she’s committed — sharing news with extended family before you could share it yourself (and after you asked her not to tell anyone); not returning an apology you gave her; being an inconvenient houseguest at a very stressful moment in your life (at a time, I assume, you invited her to be there); and getting upset over a Facebook posting which may or may not have been a passive aggressive act on your part to upset her — don’t match the punishment you want to give her. You have a daughter who was born with some pretty scary diagnoses.That night sitting in my MIL’s living room, I reminded my hubby that we needed to be careful about what we said as most people still didn’t know about A’s diagnosis. My hubby came to bed and after a long (heated) discussion, came to see my side of the situation.He also talked me out of making a 5-hour drive at night in the snow.

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