Dating utrecht netherlands

- The Dom Tower is the highest church tower in The Netherlands - It’s the city where Dick Bruna created the world famous Miffy - It was the Dutch capital for 6 months in 1808 - Utrecht has the biggest and busiest Dutch Central Station - They are developing world’s biggest bike park (yes a parking lot for your bike) expected to be completed mid-2017The city center is the vibrant heart of Utrecht.

It consists of five districts, each with its own character, vibe and historic ambiance.

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It is about finding your way in a complete different surrounding.

The only thing you have left to do is figure out your route with the ov9292 app, validate your OV-chipcard and you are off.

However, the most popular and easiest form of transport is by bike.

During summertime, this is one of the best places to be.) The city of Utrecht has a lot to offer nightlife-wise. Tivoli Vredenburg: Known by almost everyone in The Netherlands, is Tivoli Vredenburg.With 5 different venues it is the music-home for everyone.To get you going, here you will find some interesting Utrecht facts to impress your friends.- Utrecht is voted to have the most beautiful canals, leaving behind Amsterdam and Venice!

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