Dating laws in ca

Proposition 64, the voter-approved law that governs recreational pot in the Golden State, however, doesn’t offer the complete freedom to buy, grow and smoke marijuana just anywhere you please. And they are consequential for employers and employees and anyone who wants to sell, purchase, consume or transport cannabis in the state. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded an Obama administration memo that recommended a hands-off approach to marijuana prosecution in states that have legalized pot.

There’s also the complication that marijuana remains illegal federally. The move was seen as possibly paving the way for a federal crackdown on marijuana, though it’s uncertain whether that will happen.

That cost is far more than on the black market, causing some marijuana advocates to worry customers will turn to underground sales.No matter the kind of cannabis you want, you’ll need to visit a state-licensed recreational dispensary.The agency that regulates marijuana, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, has a complete and updated list of licensed dispensaries on its website. And you’ll also likely need cash as most dispensaries don’t accept checks or credit cards.It’s not a complete guide but we plan to update it as more questions arise.A customer purchases marijuana at Harborside marijuana dispensary, Monday, Jan. Starting New Year's Day, recreational marijuana can be sold legally in California.

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