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For example, there’s a significant difference between someone who slipped up in a moment of weakness versus a serial cheater.

One of the things that we don’t like to talk about when it comes to relationships is that monogamy is to and that can be tricky to manage at times.

The first and most important thing about handling the aftermath of being cheated on is self care.

It throws everything into question and damages your soul and self-esteem.

That desire to know more is completely natural; it’s part of the urge to understand, as though knowing more might make the act more comprehensible. Knowing who it was, when it started, what they did and where, why that person…

there is almost answer that your partner can give you that won’t gouge out parts of your soul.

and led to an infidelity and are unlikely to ever be repeated.

They also tend to be moments that the participants regret having happened at all.

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