Comcast tv guide not updating

I am now two months into this and will go the the last resort of replacing the router.

Any suggestion on brand and what I should upgrade to?

I have disabled modem and router and re-powered both. 7500 series smart tv recognizes my home\u0027s wireless network, but will not connect.

I have turned off all firewalls just to see if that would let me connect. Strangely my new Samsung Blu Ray e5900 connects to the same network just fine (as do my PC, ipads, iphones, guests' devices, etc...). I have tried automatic and manual ip address inputs.

It may help to do a soft reset first and then following the above instructions.

I tried changing my password to something shorter and easier and the second i did that, the internet only on my Samsung tv didnt want to connect.

strong disclaimer too but it should reresh your network settings You have to do a hard reset to the tv:1. Press "Mute," then "1," "8," "2" and "Power" on the remote. Choose "Factory Reset." The Samsung TV will be reset to its original, factory settings. The reset did not work (though I did find out how to establish voice and motion control). And, I still don;t get it as the Blu Ray connects to wireless network perfectly.

Ensure you do not touch any of the other settings when you are in this service menu except reset. From passwords that have a non alphanumeric to WEP and more, we cover a lot of this in the following link.

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Samsung suggested using the hotspot from the iphone to make a final determination if it was my router or tv issue.

After, I went ahead and selected my wireless info from the menu, input the password and it was back.

Mind you I had previously done a "soft reset" as suggested by others prior to calling them and getting this information.

You didn't give details about your router setup so I can't guess which it is.

And again, it does not matter if other things connect as you will discover. tag=content Body;thread Listing Bob I have followed all the steps outlined in the answers here.

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