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However, since being acquired by Left Behind Games in 2011, little has been done to modernize the site so how much value the company sees in the network remains to be seen.

Sign up is free, not restricted by age and you can join either as an individual or as a band. Individuals are asked, but not required, to give their date of birth (which can be hidden if given).

God Tube pulls in more than 3.5 million page views monthly while Crosswalk generates more than seven million page views each month.

Intended to appeal to both young people and adults, My Praize refers itself as "the Internet's first Christian social network" on the site's Facebook page.

The site leans heavily on the Christian music industry and for its content and hosts more than 200,000 Christian music videos.

It primarily appeals to the music-oriented, but that is not to say others would not find the online community engaging.

The sites includes forums, chat rooms and even blogs to build its online community.

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