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Twitter.com/rhodri The Independent's bitcoin group on Facebook is the best place to follow the latest discussions and developments in cryptocurrency.Join here for the latest on how people are making money – and how they're losing it.It stopped 99.1 percent in March 2017, 99.6 percent in April and 100 percent in May, with a low rate of false positives. AVG Anti Virus Free has something most antivirus companies charge for: a file shredder that can thoroughly erase any item or folder. There's neither a hardened browser for e-commerce nor a Wi-Fi scanner, but AVG Anti Virus Free's Web Shield scans even HTTPS sites for malicious content.The program's Link Scanner steers you away from potentially dangerous websites; it also analyzes Twitter and Facebook links.AVG nearly aced AV-TEST's Windows 10 evaluations in May and June 2017, stopping 100 percent of zero-day malware in both months, 99.8 percent of widespread malware in May and 99.9 percent of widespread threats in June.

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That's pretty good, but not as good as Avast and Bitdefender's scores; they each aced all but one of the four Windows 7 tests, and each got 99.9 percent on the last.The application has no gaming mode to turn off active scans and user notifications during periods of heavy use, but AVG offers one of the most in-depth assortment of customization options we've seen in free antivirus programs.You can adjust the intensity of the heuristic scanning and turn features on and off, such as whether to scan scripts and shared libraries.A more pertinent question, perhaps, is why so many of us are persistently unwilling to pay for a product that is, arguably, critical to our online safety.It seems that our cynicism about the "free" status of software and services is ultimately overridden by the fact that we'd rather do anything than cough up money to use them.

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